Department of New Jersey School of Architecture

Program Publications

Our research-based design studios have engaged a range of pressing urban challenges and developed innovative designs in response to these conditions.  Studios have culminated with student-led publications documenting participants’ research and design.

SumCity (Spring 2012)

Re-tooling the City: Urban Renewal in Newark (Spring 2011)

In Case of Emergency… (Fall 2010)

Rethinking the Industrial City (Fall 2009)

Detecting the Open City: An Exploration of New Jersey’s Communities (Fall 2008)

Vol 1: Field Guide

Vol 2: Interventions

Soft Products of Hard Infrastructures (Food processing) (2011)Soft Products of Hard Infrastructures (Food processing) (2011)

Paterson Research Initiative (2004-2006)

Infrastructure is… (Fall 2011)

Ethnoburbs (2012)