Department of New Jersey School of Architecture

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Program & Admissions Coordinator: Fred Little
Graduate Architecture Program Director: Keith Krumwiede
MIP Program Director: Georgeen Theodore
Urban Systems Program Director: Karen Franck

Master of Architecture

The core of the graduate architecture program is the NAAB accredited, professional Master of Architecture degree (M. Arch.).  The M. Arch. is offered for students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than architecture degree who wish to prepare for licensure as professional architect. This graduate degree combines a required professional core curriculum with an array of elective courses in six semesters of full-time enrollment. Students with previous architectural design experience may be able to complete the program in less than six semesters.

This core program may also be allied with other degree opportunities, both within and outside the School, as well as certificate programs. The M. Arch. graduate program is furthered enriched by the diverse educational backgrounds of our entering students, over half of whom earned their undergraduate degrees in fields other than architecture.

Master of Science of Architecture (M.S. ARCH)

In addition to the M. Arch., NJSOA offers the Master of Science of Architecture program (M.S. Arch.). The M.S. Arch. is a non-accredited 30-credit degree program which may be articulated as a studio-based post-professional degree in architectural design, or as an academically-based degree leading to research, scholarship, or specialization in particular areas of practice and scholarship such as sustainable design, digital practice, and architectural history.

Master of Infrastructure Planning (MIP)

Master of Infrastructure Planning is a 36-credit, interdisciplinary post-professional urban design program that develops professionals to plan and design in the contemporary city. Through interdisciplinary teaching, research and practice, the program addresses the global need to train planning and design professionals capable of acting across the spectrum of disciplines involved in urban design The program focuses on innovative urban design and planning practice that is informed by in-depth local analysis and global understanding of large-scale forces at work in city-making and urbanization.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Urban Systems

The Ph.D. in Urban Systems utilizes the unique strengths of New Jersey's two senior public research institutions: New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University - Newark. The mission of the program is to enable graduates to generate research-based knowledge of urban systems and to participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of policy and services for urban populations.

Dual Degrees

Four dual degree programs are open to candidates in both MArch and MIP options. These programs enable students to obtain both the MArch and a second graduate degree in substantially less time than would be required to earn the two degrees separately.

  • Master of Architecture (M. Arch.) and Master in Infrastructure Planning (MIP)

  • Master of Architecture (MArch) and Master of Science in Management (MSMgmt)

  • Master of Architecture (MArch.) and Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

  • Master of Architecture (MArch.) and Master of Business Administration (MBA)